Ways of making glass tiles. What is the difference between PRESSED GLASS MOSAICS and CRYSTAL GLASS MOSAICS?

Actually there are three main techniques of glass mosaics production in the world. Our factory uses the following production techniques:

1 – Glass powder  pressed through mould and then fired in kiln (Glass mosaics).

2 – Flat glass cuted, painted and then fired in kiln (Crystal mosaics).

HOW and WHERE to buy MCM MOSAICS products?

Our company works in dealer system. You can call to our factory or send e mail for more information.

How to become a dealer of MCM MOSAICS?

Please send us e mail or fill the enquiry form to get all information about dealership.

How to apply mosaic tiles?

Step 1: Preparation

Make sure that the surface where the goods will be fixed is in a good flat form, dry, dustless, oilless and clean.

Step 2: Applying cement based adhesives

Apply suitable for glass mosaics cement based adhesives to the surface with a suitable comb.

Step 3: Applying mosaics

Place one by one mosaics sheets on the surface.  Leave 2-3 mm gaps between mosaic sheets. Joint gaps must be same size as gaps in mosaic plates. Placed plates must be equal to each other.

Step 4: Filling gaps with grouting material

After cement based adhesives dry fill the joint gaps with a suitable for glass mosaics grouting material.  For kitchens can be used antibacterial joint filler. In addition, pay attention to color harmony between glass mosaics and grouting material.

Step 5: Cleaning.

After application clean surface with a dry soft cloth or sponge.