MCM Mosaics is a Turkish company which has established in 2000 to manufacture glass mosaics for domestic market. MCM Mosaics is a leader in glass mosaics industry and a well known brand all over Turkey.

Starting with pressed glass mosaics with 15.000 sqm closed area located in Kemalpasa/Izmir in short time MCM Mosaics adds crystal and travertine mosaics to its range. At first, monthly production capacity  was 1000 sqm. With the growing sales from 2015 MCM mosaics reached 60000 sqm monthly production capacity.

Through intensive works in both domestic and foreign markets MCM has increased trust of customers and today the number of dealers has reached to 1000.

With the growing market and innovations MCM makes extensive researches and in 2012, using new technology and machinery, starts  production of ceramic decorations in the second factory. In a short time, MCM had become one of companies who export 25% of production capacity around the world.

In 2015, in order to increase the variety of products MCM shows the difference of designs  in sector and widens product portfolio with 1440 dpi resolution UV digital printing technology.

Giving priority to novelty and quality of products, turning creative ideas into perfect products MCM continues its efforts in ceramics and glass industry.

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